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A screenshot of todo.vu's task dashboard, with each recurring task easily accessible, editable and viewable.

The right way to manage routine work

todo.vu’s recurring tasks function works like this:


You create a task, you set a task due date, and you set that task to repeat at a specific date.

A screenshot of todo.vu indicating how simple it is to set up a repeating task within the platform.
A screenshot of a future repeating task in todo.vu which is fully editable.


Every task in your repeating task sequence is created there and then.

They are clearly visible and easily editable; you can see and change whatever detail you need to on any task in your repeating task sequence.

Need to tweak a future task? No problem.


While every task is visible and editable, they won’t clutter your immediate to-do list.


They’ll be kept in your ‘Snoozed’ task list until they automatically “awaken”, and move to your ‘To-do’ list when you’ve asked them to.

A screenshot of todo.vu's task dashboard, with each recurring task easily accessible, editable and viewable.

You won’t miss any tasks in a recurring task sequence that aren’t done in time; they’ll remain in your to-do list until you mark them as Done. And you won’t miss any tasks that come after those tasks, because every task in a sequence appears in your immediate to-do list when you’ve set them up to, whether you’ve done the task before it or not.

If your business relies on task that recur, you’ll love what makes todo.vu different.

Case Study: Asana recurring tasks – does Asana get it wrong?

To best illustrate possible limitations of other systems’ recurring tasks abilities, let’s consider Asana, arguably one of the most used project management systems today.

The way Asana implements repeating (recurring) tasks is commonplace for most project management systems, and, here at todo.vu, we believe this way isn’t the best way to do it.

Here’s why.

In Asana, you can only ever see one task in a repeating task series: the one that is due next. You have to complete that task before the next task in the series will show. You will never see more than one task in a repeating task series.

This means that:

  • if you have a daily task and you don’t complete Monday’s task until Wednesday, then you will only see Tuesday’s task on Wednesday and still nothing for Wednesday.
  • future occurrences of the task do not show up in your calendar, which can make them easy to forget and can complicate planning.
  • there is no way to adjust one specific occurrence; for instance, if you have a monthly meeting that is typically the first Monday of the month, but one Monday happens to be a public holiday, then you would want the ability to shift that meeting to Tuesday in advance, but that is not possible in Asana.
  • There is no way to add custom content or attachments to future tasks.

Just see what Asana users are saying on their own site:

I choose a task to repeat daily, however, it doesn’t show up daily! in fact, you have to complete a task for the next one to show. Why can’t Asana have the same daily task just be listed on the calendar all at once? (Instead of one day at a time, after the completion of today’s task.)

Supposedly, once you click the task to be done, it will show up for tomorrow. Well, say I complete Monday’s task on Wednesday. I still have to do Tuesday’s task, but then nothing shows up on Tuesday or Wednesday, and the next task that shows up is Thursday.

Asana User

As others have said, the repeating tasks really need to show on the calendar. Some users may not even want to have emails come to them (I personally work completely in Asana and don’t use email reminders). If the repeating tasks don’t show up on the calendar, I won’t know about them. There is little point to having it repeating if it’s not visible within Asana (neither on the task list or the calendar). Until this is fixed, I will have to add each one individually.

Asana User

Have you guys seriously not updated a crucial/simple feature like recurring tasks showing in our calendars? What’s the point of them recurring if they do not show on the calendar to remind us they are due?

Asana User

Key features of todo.vu repeating tasks

In todo.vu, repeating tasks are real tasks.

They are:

  1. editable
  2. customisable, and
  3. all visible in calendars.


  • Each occurrence is a real task that can be viewed, edited and customised in advance.
  • Each future task occurrence shows up in your calendar and, if you have enabled calendar sync, your iCal, Google or Outlook Calendars.
  • Future tasks are snoozed so they do not clutter your immediate to-do list, but will automatically “wake up” at a predetermined interval before the task is due.
  • Each task has an independent workflow and will become ‘to do’ and ‘due’ independent of previous tasks.
  • You can make tasks recur on any number of days, any sequence of weekdays, weeks, months or years and also “nth weekday of the month” sequences.
Screenshot of todo.vu's recurring (repeating) tasks feature in a Kanban list. Each repeating task can be viewed and edited at any time, and are kept separate from your immediate to-do list in the ‘Snooze’ column.

Most businesses have repeating tasks. Even if your primary client or project work does not repeat, you will surely have tax returns, license and insurance renewals, domain name renewals and other administrative tasks that regularly repeat.

Being able to capture and schedule these into your task management system without cluttering your inbox is vital for a smooth functioning business.

So, when you are reviewing alternative systems, take a close look at how their repeating tasks work. Many implement a limited version of recurring tasks.

At todo.vu, we have developed a genuine, robust and flexible solution to keep you and your business productive at all times.

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