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An illustration of's Kanban-style Task Dashboard.

Staying organized is super simple with all-in-one time tracking​ is easy-to-use time tracking software for virtual assistants.

With, you can manage your tasks, projects and hourly rates for every client in one place — and track your time with one click.

Capture every minute spent in your business and enjoy insightful reporting, clear and simple client billing, and a much easier way to work.

Screenshot of task management and time tracking Kanban-style task dashboard with Virtual Assistant tasks displayed.

Gain valuable insights

In, time is tracked directly to your tasks, which are in turn connected to clients and projects–even projects that are in-house and not billable.

That means every minute of your work is easily accounted for, giving you incredible insights on your habits, workflows and processes–and the power to improve them!

Bill clients easily

Track your time directly on individual tasks, and at your own charge-out rates. When it comes to invoicing your clients, enables you to raise clear, itemized billing reports in seconds.

Time and cost totals are automatically calculated with all the details you need to ensure your clients aren’t likely to dispute their invoices.

Keep track of tasks

As a virtual assistant, time tracking is just one tool of many you need to keep on top of client work. Task management is another, and that’s exactly why connects time to tasks–and all of their details.

Use flexible Kanban task dashboards to organize your tasks for every client; add files, lists, comments, descriptions, followers and more to your tasks. Track your time on these tasks with a simple click; there’s no need to open or integrate other software.

Work quickly, easily & on the go

Productivity tools shouldn’t slow you down. That’s why we’ve made refreshingly intuitive. Start tracking time immediately with a simple click of’s timer, and add task, client and project details later and on-the-fly. simply grows as you do.

Start tracking your time today ​

It’s refreshingly simple.


First, set your hourly rates


  • Set different rates for team members and contractors
  • Assign tax rates for accurate billing totals
An animated gif of time tracking software demonstrating how a user can charge at any hourly rate and even make changes to hourly rates after time has been tracked.


Then, create tasks


  • Enable clients to add tasks directly via email; emails are automatically converted to tasks and linked to your client
Screenshot of time tracking software demonstrating how time can be synced to Google Calendar to display actual hours worked and due dates.
A screenshot in time tracking demonstrating a Task view.


  • Connect to Google Calendar or iCal
  • Collaborate on and keep track of your tasks with real-time commenting and push notification features

Now, track time to those tasks


  • Start the timer with a single click
  • Track time as it happens, or log time manually afterwards
  • Track and log time directly to specific tasks
  • See at a glance who is working on what in real time
  • Visualize project progress in real time


A screenshot of time tracking showing how a user can start the timer from within the task listing on's kanban-style task dashboard.
A time billing report example for a virtual assistant business.


And easily bill for that time


  • Get accurate billing as calculates time & cost totals to tasks, projects and clients based on your tracked time
  • Add your logo and branding to your billing report
  • Attach to your client invoices with a unique URL

Because I used so many different tools before I found, I wasn’t truly committed to any of them, and I’d often forget to log my billable hours. As soon as I started using, I realised how much money I was losing because I was doing this!

Now, I can easily log all my billable hours and get paid accurately. I can also provide my clients with detailed reports that show exactly how long it took me to complete their tasks. I like how professional the billing reports look with my logo, which I easily attach to every invoice I send.


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Start using right away

Let transform the way you work.

Start your free 14-day trial of time tracking for virtual assistants today. Here are a few tips to get you started!



Set billing rates on projects and staff. Select which time is billable, raise detailed invoice reports. Provide clients with detailed time reports.



Track everything you or your team does – in-house tasks, personal tasks, and client project work all in one place.



Track your time directly on your tasks with simple, intuitive, visual tools. Most other systems only track time to a project level.



Each workspace has it’s own email address. You and your clients can email tasks directly into Attachments are included. Setup rules for assigning tasks from email.



Create real recurring tasks that sync with a calendar and can be individually updated, each with independent reminders. Read more about how we built the best repeating tasks system.



Synchronise your task due dates with any iCal compatible calendar. Ideal for Google and Office365 Calendars.



Clients can be invited to just see work associated with their business. Contract staff can be restricted to specific clients. Any tasks can be made private.

*Never pay more than the capped price, no matter how many users you add.

All workspaces start with a 14-day trial period with all features enabled and unlimited users.

During the trial, we reward you for exploring by giving credit for performing various actions in your workspace. It’s like an Easter egg hunt!

After the end of the trial, the credit you have earned will reduce the cost of your subscription. Or you can decide to use our Free Solo plan forever.

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