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An illustration of's Kanban-style Task Dashboard.

The support solution for small businesses​

Great businesses are more than the products and services they offer. Make your customer support exceptional, too, with

As a simple help desk software with time tracking, task management and billing, provides the ultimate tool to manage all client work – and track every minute of it at an hourly rate.

Power a more productive team and workflow, and achieve more billable time, happier customers, and an all-round, stand-out small business with a case management system built for flexible needs.

A screenshot of's task dashboard, where users can securely store unlimited support tasks/tickets for as many clients/customers as needed.

Create as many support tickets or cases for as many customers as you need. Customer details are stored securely in, and support tickets are fully customisable as ‘tasks’.

Assign team members, add due dates, upload files, leave comments and more to support tasks. Use custom labels to manage your priorities, and drag and drop tasks and requests as they move through your workflow from To-do to Done.

Use todo,vu's open Add-Task API to have tasks created automatically for you from web forms and more.

Automatically create support tickets or cases from custom web forms and more with's simple Add-Task API, or link to hundreds of apps via a custom Zapier Zap.

A screenshot of an email an invited user may see if invited to collaborate in a Workspace.

Give customers unique access to view, track and even comment on their support requests. You choose what they can see and do in the portal.

This unique customer support system is not only great for your customers–it’s also great for you. Keep all requests in one convenient location online, and communicate with customers directly on tickets from there.

A screenshot of an email - users can send an email to a unique support address, which will automatically convert to a support task in

Give customers a unique email address they can use to email in their customer support requests. automatically converts these into live support requests within the Task Dashboard, saving you the time and effort.

An animated GIF demonstrating how a user can change the Kanban view of the Task Dashboard with an advanced context Filter function.

A comprehensive, but easy-to-use, context filter ensures you can find any request or task you need in seconds.

A screenshot of's 'Team' Dashboard, which shows which team member is working on which Support request in real time.

As a cloud system, records every user’s interaction with support tasks in real time. Together with the ability to track time to any task, this means you’ll know exactly what work – by which team member – went into every request.

A screenshot of's push notifications function.

Enable push notifications and add custom attributes to support tasks as suits your workflow, so everyone can easily stay on track, whether they’re in the office or not.

Integrated help desk support & task management​ is not just help desk software for small businesses; it’s task management, time tracking and billing as well.

Support tickets are ‘tasks’, linked to clients/customers and projects. Tasks can be support tickets, sales leads, meetings, and the various deliverables of a multi-phase project – you decide!

Time is then tracked and recorded directly on these tasks and, if they’re billable, you can track this time at your own charge-out rates as well.

This leads to:

Valuable business reporting

As every minute of your work can be easily accounted for, you gain access to incredible insights on your habits, workflows and processes–and the power to improve them.

Accurate billing

Time and cost totals are automatically calculated when you’re working on billable tasks, so when the time comes, you can raise detailed, itemized billing reports in just a few clicks.

Here’s how cloud help desk software with time tracking works ​

It’s refreshingly simple.


First, set your hourly rates


  • Set different rates for team members and contractors
  • Assign tax rates for accurate billing totals
An animated GIF in, demonstrating how a User can set up (and revise) any billing rate for any team member.


Then, create a Support Ticket (as a ‘Task’)


  • Enable clients to add tasks directly via email; emails are automatically converted to tasks and linked to your client
Screenshot of time tracking software demonstrating how time can be synced to Google Calendar to display actual hours worked and due dates.
A screenshot of a Support Task in, to which Users can add files and documents, checklists, custom labels and more. Users can assign Tasks to team members and add Followers to receive notifications.
  • Connect to Google Calendar or iCal
  • Collaborate on and keep track of your tasks with real-time commenting and push notification features

Now, track time to those tasks


  • Start the timer with a single click
  • Track time as it happens, or log time manually afterwards
  • Track and log time directly to specific tasks
  • See at a glance who is working on what in real time
  • Visualize project progress in real time


A screenshot of displaying how a User can track time on any Support task.
An example of a customizable Time Billing report available in; which you can create from your tracked time in seconds and attach to your invoices with a unique URL.


And easily bill for that time


  • Get accurate billing as calculates time & cost totals to tasks, projects and clients based on your tracked time
  • Add your logo and branding to your billing report
  • Attach to your client invoices with a unique URL

Because I used so many different tools before I found, I wasn’t truly committed to any of them, and I’d often forget to log my billable hours. As soon as I started using, I realised how much money I was losing because I was doing this! Now, I can easily log all my billable hours and get paid accurately. I can also provide my clients with detailed reports that show exactly how long it took me to complete their tasks. I like how professional the billing reports look with my logo, which I easily attach to every invoice I send.


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