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Business compliance & management made easy

For many small businesses, getting certified to international standards is complicated. Without a real need (or budget!) for complex, regulatory compliance software, many businesses resort to spreadsheets and calendars to manage the many tasks and people involved.

But this can get messy – fast – and end up wasting time and resources.

That’s why provides a simple compliance management solution to help smaller teams manage, track, record and collaborate on compliance activities and requirements.

What’s more –’s functionalities aren’t limited to compliance tasks, giving you the freedom and flexibility of a system that can help you in more ways than one.

With, small businesses can automate work instructions and record keeping for auditing purposes, as well as manage, track, bill for and collaborate on everyday tasks and projects for clients.

This simple integration is designed to save small businesses time and money on keeping both functional and compliant.

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Create and categorize unlimited tasks according to custom requirements and attributes. Assign team members; add followers, due dates, checklists, links and rich text; and upload files and documentation to tasks.

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Mark tasks with custom labels as suits your workflow. Link to subtasks directly on tasks. Find any task in seconds with a comprehensive but easy-to-use task filter.

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Receive automated alerts and notifications as tasks reach due dates, are commented on, and move through your workflow from start to finish.

A screenshot of a task in with a custom label showing ISO 27001 and options to 'Snooze' the Task until a given date.

Easily manage and stay up to date with ongoing obligations with’s repeating tasks feature. Set tasks to automatically move from a dormant to actionable state after a specified date or rule. Use Project Templates to create a series of tasks in just a few clicks.

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Track every activity on any task from the very start. See who’s doing what, when, in real time. Export detailed time reports and share with relevant parties with ease.

A screenshot of's annotated time notes that are connected to a task and aid record keeping in that they store a detailed record of activity on the task.

As a cloud system, records every user’s interaction with compliance tasks in real time, and allows users to collaborate and communicate directly on tasks.

Together with the ability to track annotated time to any task, this means you’ll know exactly what work – by which team member – went into every activity, and can keep a detailed record of all activity on a task, including conversations.

A screensot of's reporting dashboard.

In, time is tracked directly to your tasks, which are connected to clients and projects–even projects that are in-house and not billable.

That means every minute of your work is easily accounted for, giving you incredible insights on your habits, workflows and processes, and the power to improve them.

Get certified to the world’s best-known standards quicker – including ISO 27001 and SOC 2 – and showcase your business’s credibility and commitment to quality while reaping the benefits inherent of great management practices.

An animated GIF demonstrating how a user can change the Kanban view of the Task Dashboard with an advanced context Filter function.

Integrated compliance & task management​ is not just simple compliance software for small businesses; it’s task management, time tracking and billing as well.

Tasks can be anything: work instructions, meetings, phone calls, and the various deliverables of a multi-phase project – you decide!

Time can be tracked and recorded directly on these tasks and, if they’re billable, you can track this time at your own charge-out rates as well.

This leads to:

Valuable business reporting

As every minute of your work can be easily accounted for, you gain access to incredible insights on your habits, workflows and processes–and the power to improve them.

Accurate billing

Time and cost totals are automatically calculated when you’re working on billable tasks, so when the time comes, you can raise detailed, itemized billing reports in just a few clicks.

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