Managing a remote team and struggling to maintain productivity? for teams and freelancers will help you
keep your team on track.

Remote access for your entire team

Access your work list from any location and any device at any time. Keep your staff productive and informed regardless of their location.

The time dashboard in with staff activity on a specified day is displayed in real time.

Easy-to-use task, time & team management software

The Client Dashboard in, displaying an overview of a user's clients and the number of current projects overdue and to-do for each client.

Assign and track tasks

Assign tasks to your team in, and share the work load. See who is working on what at any time—in real time, or after the fact. Discuss and track task progress and status.

See staff activity in real time

Team management is easy. Staff can record time on tasks via a timer or manual entry. Admin staff can see exactly what staff are working on in real time and with daily activity reports.

The Team Dashboard in, displaying an overview of a user’s team members, with the most recent active staff member displayed at the top, with real-time timers giving an overview of who is working on what.
A coloured bar graph in displaying time tracked, billed, unbilled, in draft bill mode and non-billable for a specific date range with a detailed breakdown of time tracked to specific client and project underneath.

Report and bill time

Generate instantly accurate time reports. Based on any time range, staff, client or work type, view accurate up-to-date activity reports for the entire team.

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