Our biggest update of the year is rolling out across todo.vu Workspaces this week!

As a complete overhaul of todo.vu’s previous ‘Time Dashboard’, this update introduces Workspaces to a modern and flexible calendar interface, which better supports agile workflows and flexible workstyles, and helps you to visualize and manage your time and time-critical work.

With todo.vu’s new calendar, users can quickly record billable (and non-billable) time at specified hourly rates, set reminders and due dates, create new to-dos on the fly, and see at a glance where time is spent across the business.

For the most in-depth information on todo.vu’s new calendar, please visit our Support pages. You can also contact our team at any time with questions or feedback on hello@todo.vu.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s in store

There’s a completely new look and feel…

Including colour-coded calendar entries that indicate due dates, task reminders, and time entries billed, yet-to-be billed, non-billable and in draft bill mode.

A screenshot of todo.vu's time tracking and billing interface, open to the Calendar page.

It’s easy to navigate

Navigate to yearly and monthly calendar views – and see total hours tracked – with just one click. You can see team members’ calendars in just a few clicks, and quickly navigate to today’s view without fuss.

Drag and drop due dates, task reminders and time entries, and spend less time organizing and documenting, and more time on billable work.

An animated GIF demonstrating how a todo.vu User can easily move and modify calendar entries.

There’s better visibility for everyone

todo.vu’s new calendar gives you an even better view on how your time is spent, what your immediate priorities are, and what’s to come.

You can see this across your entire business with access to your team members’ calendars, too.

An animated GIF demonstrating the different calendar views a user can navigate to, including viewing any of their team member's calendar views.

Using todo.vu’s calendar: A few quick steps

1. Create time entries on the fly

Simply click, create, drag and drop. Or, let todo.vu’s predictive time entry feature speed things up, allowing you to easily create a time entry with an end time that syncs perfectly with your current time.

An animated GIF demonstrating how a User can create a time entry in seconds in todo.vu's calendar.
An animated GIF demonstrating how a User can create a time entry directly within an existing task in seconds.

2. Add due dates & task reminders

One click anywhere on the calendar can allow you to create a due task or set a task reminder. Never miss another deadline and keep your projects on track.

You will also see due tasks that are assigned to other users on your own calendar (when you created the initial task). This is super handy to keep track of those tasks that you’ve delegated to others!

A screenshot of todo.vu's 'Task is due' tab on the Time modal.
A screenshot of todo.vu's 'Set reminder' tab on the Time modal.

3. Add details to your calendar entries

Add clients and projects to your calendar’s time entries, so when it’s time to bill for your time and services, you can do so quickly, accurately, and easily.

An animated GIF demonstrating how a User can add client and project details to a time entry in seconds in todo.vu's calendar.

4. Modify your calendar entries

Start your timer on a due task with one click. Change a date with one click. It’s all in the right click!

A screenshot of todo.vu time tracking and billing software, indicating the right-click mouse options on a Due Task.
A screenshot of the right-click mouse options on a calendar entry on todo.vu's day or week calendar views.

5. Sync with any digital calendar

And visualise your day in one place in full detail.

A screenshot of todo.vu's time tracking and billing interface, demonstrating that a user can sync todo.vu's calendar with their own external digital calendar app.

Let us know

This is a bigger update than others we’ve had in the past, and we’re here to help you enjoy and make the most of it.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us and we’ll respond to you quickly.

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